Digital currency payment gateway with API

API is created and dedicated to BTC,LTC and DASH. Merchants like Eshops who don`t want to store transaction history and create their own payment system. Merchant can easily implement buttons for their customers on the Eshop pages, which allows them to use API as payment method with BTC, LTC, DASH. Eshops can afterward control their transaction history and check the state of the customer transaction at the moment. That is helpful to finish the customer order while the Eshop can be sure about receiving their BTC / LTC / DASH to their wallets. Advantage is that merchant can in fast way get their order number paired with whole transaction details through simple API command. We are supporting EUR, USD, GBP, JPY, CNY, AUD, CAD, AED, CZK, PLZ, VND and CHF based eshops.

Automated EUR exchange service

CryptoDiggers are verified for TIER 4 on Kraken and Poloniex Exchange to exchange digital currencies up to 500.000 EUR(USD) / month on each. Automated exchange service is provided by payment gateway for verified customers with fully filled information about their business, including destination bank account. All verified clients have to send formal approve in written form via email to our customer service which will check provided company information to fulfill our AML and KYC rules and processes. There is an option for customers to setup EUR trasfers to their EUR bank account in 4 periods:

  1. Immediate
  2. Daily
  3. Two-weekly
  4. Monthly

CryptoDiggers guarantee that exchange rate or volatilty won't affect the customers final volume of EURO transfered to their EUR bank account.

Why using digital currencies with us?

  1. Low Fee 0.5%
  2. More secure
  3. Faster money trasfer to own wallet
  4. Exchange to EUR up to 2x 500.000 EUR(USD) / month

CryptoDiggers API Fee

Merchants have to calculate with 0.5% fee for processing every single transaction processed through the Cryptodiggers Payment Gataway API. This fee is the default fee for all merchants except those who will have a huge number of transactions passed through the Cryptodiggers API system. In such specific cases we are willing to setup the transation fee below the 0.5%.

Affiliate program

Affiliate program allows customers with no business/company, setup subaccounts under own account for own merchants like Eshop URLs,callbacks, security keys, Android PoS accounts and control their transfers in the supported digital currencies and thus profit from the "coinflow" according to actual affiliate reward levels which you find after logging in merchants part.

Merchant implementation

Output from API call will be in the JSON format. We are willing to help you with the implementation to your existing Eshop website. You can contact us from contact form HERE to make mutual written deal with us.

Supported Eshop plugins.

Cryptodiggers created Eshop payement plugins for following Eshop types, available for direct download on this site or you can find OpenCart and Magento plugin on dedicated stores.

Android PoS terminal

To simplify accepting digital currencies for customers having store, shop, outlet we offer free PoS terminal application runnable on any Android 4.+ device. This application could be installed on any cashiers android phone or tablet. Cashier will have own account and could create just credit operation without possibility to login or change permission. Thus you can be sure there is no possibility of any fraud or theft. You can download application in the Google play store HERE .