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WooCommerce client for CryptoDiggers Payment API

This module was created for WooCommerce eshop, to allow integration of CryptoDiggers API. The module add a possiblity to have additional payment method for the WooCommerce eshop. It is easy to setup and maintain. Installation instructions:

  1. Download client from this page.
  2. Assign wallet address to your account
  3. Assign security key to callback function
  4. Assign call back address to your account
  5. Copy module to your Wordpress installation to plugin folder
  6. Go to admin module to Plugins menu
  7. Find our CryptoDiggers payment methodes
  8. Click on "Activate" for each required payment method
  9. Go to WooCommerce->Settings->Checkout
  10. In "Checkout options" choose cdpdash(DASH currency), cdpbtc(BTC currency), cdpltc(LTC currency)
  11. Check "Enable/Disable" checkbox
  12. Set API key to your api key from registred account
  13. Choose a security key for callback function (Must be the same string as set on your account in api)
  14. Choose default currency EUR/USD/GBP/JPY/CNY/CAD/AUD/AED/CZK/PLZ
  15. Set payment timout in minutes (Must be between 10-30)
  16. Choose if you want to wait for confirmations (if you choose "no" your customer will be able to click on place order immediately after we receive transaction. Order status will be set to payment pending. After confirmation callback function will set the order status to processing)
  17. Save configuration changes
Order statuses:
  1. Processing - payment received in time with correct amount
  2. Payment pending - payment received but not confirmed
  3. Payment review - payment received, but with incorrect amount