About CDPAY features

To make it much easier for business owners as well as for developers, we prepared a solution called CDPAY, acting as digital currency payment gateway with many useful features. CDPAY offers API able to accept BTC, LTC, ETH and USDT. This platform is designed for businesses like e-shops, coffee shops, electronics stores, greengrocers, fast foods or any other custom e-commerce portals who do not want to keep a transaction history or create their own payment system with electronic wallets. Merchants can easily implement additional buttons for their customers on the e-shop pages which allows them to use API as a payment method with BTC, LTC, ETH and USDT. E-shops can still see the history and check the status of the customer’s transaction. That is very useful in order to finish off the customer’s orders while the e-shop can be assured about receiving their BTC / LTC / ETH / USDT to their electronic wallets or exchange into EUR. You will provide you with a very competitive advantage that allows you to match an order number with corresponding transaction through simple API command. E-shops which are using the FIAT as the primary currency to the following currencies - EUR, USD, GBP, AED and VND are fully supported with exchange rate linked to BTC, LTC, ETH and USDT.

Automated FIAT exchange service

CryptoDiggers are verified as accountable business on the Kraken and Coinmate Exchange to trade digital currencies up to 3 million EUR per month. Automated exchange service is provided by the CDPAY for all verified customers. In order to be verified customer, you will need to provide us with detailed information about your business including the business bank account residency. Also a written formal approval form needs to be completed and emailed to our customer service team who will confirm the compliance with our AML and KYC rules and processes. Agreement is available on our CDPAY site in the section “Common Docs” under the name “Merchant SLA”. Transfers are processed using SEPA payment from our bank account. A standard tax document in PDF format will be directly emailed to you from our CDPAY portal.

There is an option for customers to setup EUR transfers to their business bank accounts in 4 periods:

  1. Immediate
  2. Daily
  3. Weekly
  4. Monthly

CryptoDiggers guarantee that exchange rate or volatility would not affect the customer’s final amount of FIAT transferred to their business bank accounts (except bank commissions and FIAT to FIAT fees applicable as per the bank side of transaction).

Why using digital currencies with us?

  1. Low Fee 0.5%
  2. Advanced security
  3. Faster money trasfer to own wallet / bank account
  4. Exchange to EUR (CZK) up to 3.000.000 / month

CryptoDiggers processing Fee

Merchants should allow for 0.5% fee when processing every single transaction through the Cryptodiggers Payment Gateway API. This fee is the default for all merchants except those who process significant number of transactions through the Cryptodiggers API system. For such specific cases we are willing to setup the transaction fee below the 0.5% therefore feel free to get in touch. Fee is calculated as an increase in the exchange rate used.



By selecting this option you will receive regular transactions statement in the PDF format for a chosen period. This document is NOT the official legal document for your accounting purposes.

Advice Notice

This option is only valid for approved customers receiving FIAT money (EUR). You can choose the period of the Advice Notice which is the legal document valid for your accounting and taxes purposes.

Txn Notification

Transaction notification is a quick and easy way of obtaining information directly to the email specified in your profile about every transaction which has been processed regardless if you are accepting pure crypto transactions or transfers to FIAT money.

Payout Threshold

Having this option available to you, you can save up on the system transaction fees while using digital currencies in your business. By aggregating your crypto payments until the threshold is reached, you can save the network fee which is approximately 0.0002 (BTC, LTC, DASH, ZCASH) and is applied just once on each payout. Payments will occur at the minimum periodicity of once a quarter as currently being set up at 0.0002. We advise you not to store any coins on our system longer period. We do not accept any responsibility for having your coins stored for a longer period than recommended.

Possible threshold in EUR equivalents are:

Custom Users

We recommend a set-up of additional users if your employees needs access, e.g. to to enable the use of the POS (Point Of Sale payment terminal) functionality. These users would not have access to the company confidential data as apikey, wallet address, etc.

Currently available profiles are:

Note: Please be aware that these users will not have two-stage authentication process enabled as they are not able to change any settings on your account.

Wallet Settings

Wallet setting is one of the most important settings. You will not be able to receive any coins or aggregate them on CDPAY portal unless it is fully setup. Every coin field has to be filled up separately using your PIN and OTP. There will be an URL link sent to your email address allowing you to unlock chosen coin wallet address setting.

Payment iframe language

Language for iframe payment is important setting for your customers as it will allow them to translate the messages during payment checkout on your e-shop or other iframe e-commerce platform. Supported languages are: English, German, Slovak, Czech, Spanish, Hungarian, Greek, Italian, and French.


This setting is vital for cases if you would like to use one of our plug-ins for your e-shop. Callback setting will send data about successfully or unsuccessfully confirmed transaction in specific order ID. This is important for E-shop owners to be able offer 0 confirmation option for every supported coin which makes the payment occur instant for end user client.

It’s very important to setup the secret and callback settings on both sides, CDPAY profile and E-shop administration payment plug-in setting side. Otherwise callback won’t be operational and your orders will seem like not received or confirmed.

If you like to use one of our plug-ins you need to go through several settings as per list below:

Prior to be able to enter all information, you will need to unlock the form by entering the PIN and pressing unlock button. We strongly recommend the use of https protocol in callback setting to ensure full call back security.

Language for iframe payment is important setting for your customers as it will allow them to translate the messages during payment checkout on your e-shop or other iframe e-commerce platform.

Supported languages are:

Bank details

To receive FIAT currency to your company SEPA based bank account, please fill all bank details as listed below. Please be aware that the approval by CryptoDiggers has to be processed and official agreement signed between CryptoDiggers s.r.o Slovakia to comply with our AML standards. You will receive the contract as the PDF document. Scanned copy containing the signature could be temporarily accepted for 30 days period only.

Fields required:


Our system allows you to create additional records to provide you with better overview of your entire merchants’ information in one place. You will need to set up a comprehensive merchants’ management profile which will support the multiple callback settings.

Detailed information on how to process manual (* for non EUR, CZK based customers | EUR,CZK based are being changed soon to automatic SEPA transfer)

FIAT payout can be found in "Payouts" tab and the reconciliation overview called "Advice Notice" can also be found in the "Merchants" menu.
What exactly do I benefit from this setting?

Affiliate program allows customers with no business/company, setup subaccounts under own account for own merchants like Eshop URLs,callbacks, security keys, Android PoS accounts and control their transfers in the supported digital currencies and thus profit from the "coinflow" according to actual affiliate reward levels which you find after logging in merchants part.

Note: On-Demand cryptocurrencies payout threshold is not available for merchant setup.

Merchant implementation

Output from API call will be in the JSON format. We are willing to help you with the implementation to your existing Eshop website. You can contact us from contact form HERE to make mutual written deal with us.

Crypto Transfer Threshold and Manual Payout

Ad-Hoc withdrawals are intended for customers with the master profile only (no affiliates) and with the User / Settings / Payout Threshold set to any options except the OFF/0-EUR. It is particularly useful for customers with the settings as onDemand / 1000000EUR. Please note that for every withdrawal, there will be a fee linked to the specific digital currency as the amount of 0.001 which will be subtracted from the final amount. Minimum amount for any withdrawal is set up as 0.1 in any digital currency.

You will have to confirm every manual transaction with your PIN and with OTP sent to your preferred email address.

NOTE: Be aware that transaction is not reversible and we are not able to recover any coins once they have been sent out!

DISCLAIMER: Storing higher volume of digital currencies is NOT RECOMMENDED and we do not accept any responsibility for any losses incurred.

Affiliate Program

Affiliate program allows non-business customers to set-up sub-accounts under their own account for their own merchants as such e-shop URL’s, callbacks, security keys, Android PoS accounts. It helps in controlling the transfers in the supported digital currencies and thus profit from the "coin flow" according to the actual affiliate reward levels which you can find after logging in the merchants part.

Supported Eshop plugins.

CryptoDiggers created e-shop payment plug-ins for following e-shop types as listed below. These are available for direct download on our website or you can find OpenCart and Magento plug-in in dedicated stores.

Android PoS terminal

We would like to simplify the transactions in digital currencies for customers with a store, a shop, an outlet and therefore we offer free PoS terminal application compatible with any Android 4.+ device. This application could be installed on any cashiers android phone or tablet. Cashier will have their own account and could create just credit operations without the necessary logins to CDPAY portal. Therefore you can be assured of the security and minimal possibilities for any fraud or theft. You can download application from the Google play store HERE .

CDPay terminal spot